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Home yoga set up

Home practice kits, as well as a range of individual props, can be bought from Australian company iyogaprops. We recommend having a mat, belt and 2 blocks for your home practice/online classes. 


If purchasing new equipment is not possible, a range of other items can work as substitutes:

Block – Thick books (dictionaries are perfect) make fine blocks for sitting poses and for using as a hand support in standing poses. Or a few less thick books tied or taped together will do the job (as long as they are the same size).   


Belt – Two ties tied together make a good long strap, as does a belt from a bathrobe. Long leather belts can also work or a length of rope.  


Blankets/Bolster – Blankets and throws you might have around the house can be used for shoulder stand and head stand support, and folded tightly to make a sitting pose support. Thinner firm blankets/throws work best, rather than doonas or similar. You're aiming to create a firm surface that will provide good support, rather than a spongy surface. 


Mat – Unfortunately, there is no good substitute for yoga mat. Mats can now be purchased cheaply from many places e.g. Kmart, Decahlon, Rebel.  


Hope this all helps. Please let us know if you get stuck.


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