COVID-19: Looking after each other

Safety Guidelines


Half Moon Yoga run classes in the studio and on zoom.


Half Moon Yoga are committed to taking care of your safety and the safety of others to minimise the impacts of Covid-19. We offer in studio yoga classes and have developed these safety guidelines based on the current information provided by NSW Health, Federal and State Governments.

Zoom classes

  • Zoom classes are offered, please check the bookings page for zoom classes are available.

In-Studio Classes 

  • Class numbers reduced to a maximum of 8 students to ensure adequate physical distancing and meet government guidelines of 1.5 m separation whenever possible

  • Classes are taught with minimal moving around the room

  • Mat and props are pre-set for the class, cleaned after class and left for the next class

  • Sanitiser, soap and paper towel are provided for hand washing

  • Cleaning products for mat and prop cleaning are provided, if required

  • Professional cleaning of the studio (floors, door handles, surfaces) each week

What we would like students to do

  • COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement to attend an in-studio class

  • Bookings are essential, please do not just turn up

  • Book into a class using the website booking function to help us manage class numbers

  • Check-in using the QR code provided and show your teacher your check-in and vaccination evidence

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitiser before and after class​

  • Bring your own mat, towel and belt to class as a minimum

  • If you cannot bring your own mat, please clean the studio mat and other hard props after class

  • Place your towel over soft props i.e. bolsters and blankets

  • BYO props if possible (available from iyogaprops)

What we can all do to lower the transmission of Covid-19

  • Get vaccinated if possible for you.

  • Stay at home if you are unwell – even a little bit

  • Know what the symptoms of Covid-19 are: i.e. fever, dry cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, sore throat, aches and pains etc,

  • Practice good respiratory etiquette cough and sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue

  • Don’t come to class if you have been in contact with someone with the virus or have visited a hot spot or positive Covid-19 case location

  • Practice social distancing – keep 1.5 metres distance from others before, during and after class

  • Keep practicing yoga and try to keep as healthy as possible

  • Follow advice of health professionals if you are advised to isolate

Look after each other

  • Be compassionate to yourself and others – following these guidelines is a small step in cleanliness and in kindness

  • Reach out to others if you know someone is not well or not managing. Let us or one of your fellow students know so we can check in on how you are going

  • If you know a fellow student is in self-isolation please offer to help according to your capacity, or if you can’t, ask someone else to

Considerations for vulnerable students

  • If you have a COVID-19 vaccination medical exemption, please ensure you seek medical advice before attending an in-studio class 

  • People with underlying illness are more vulnerable to respiratory disease i.e those including diabetes, chronic lung disease, kidney failure, people with suppressed immune systems and older people are at a higher risk

  • If you are vulnerable then it is advised you seek medical advice about attending an in-studio classes

  • We suggest if you are vulnerable to attend one of our online courses

  • If you are in this group and not able to attend classes then please us know, as your teacher can provide an individual sequence for you and offer a way to check-in or run an online class.

Please email if you have any questions or suggestions about helping to manage the Covid-19 challenges.


Warm regards from the Half Moon Yoga Board and teachers