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General Class

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Suitable for students with at least 6
months of experience and students
new to lyengar Yoga who have
experience in other yoga
disciplines. Designed to develop
and extend asana practice and
consolidate the basics, students are
introduced to newer poses such as
inversions and backbends. Basic
yoga philosophy is introduced.

Beginners and Foundation Class

Thursday - 1.00pm and 6.00pm

Beginners and Foundation

Suitable for those beginning yoga
and those who are consolidating
their learning. Focused on the core
foundations of yoga and based on
the preliminary yoga course
syllabus by Geeta S. Iyengar. A
variety of asanas will be covered
standing, seated, twists, forward
bends, basic backbends, working
towards head stand and shoulder stand. The emphasis is on
improving body structure,
lubricating the joints, strengthening
the ligaments and toning internal
organs and nerves.

Gentle Class

Thursday 10.30am & Friday 9am

Gentle / Seniors

Yoga provides many benefits especially as we get older.  It is important to maintain and build strength, flexibility and balance so one can continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Suitable for older adults, beginners and those with any age-related chronic conditions. 

swp_half moon yoga_img_8000.jpg

Wednesday 6.45am

Dynamic Awareness

Suitable for students with some yoga experience, these classes guide you towards refined alignment, balance and steadiness of mind. Students are supported in progressing to more advanced postures and techniques.

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