About Half Moon Yoga

Half Moon Yoga is a not-for-profit, community-based Yoga studio in the Addison Road Centre, Marrickville, in the Inner West of Sydney. The school was established in 2004.

Half Moon Yoga offers a welcoming and unpretentious space for students to practise Iyengar Yoga. We work with you to improve your overall health, wellbeing and vitality.


Our classes are tailored to your personal needs. We cater to all levels from beginner to advanced and we also cater to individual needs whether it be injury, specific pains or requirements.


We also offer special classes for people with MS and Autism. These classes are supported by our MS Australia and Aspect (Autism Spectrum Australia) community and the students are supported by multiple teachers during each class.

We are conveniently located in the Addison Road Community Centre, in Marrickville. Check out our timetable or contact us to discuss your specific situation

Mission, Vision and Purpose:

  • Vision - To enlighten our community and demonstrate the lifelong benefits of practicing Iyengar Yoga.


  • Mission: To practice what we preach - create an inclusive space where the Marrickville and surrounding community can improve their physical wellbeing through practicing Iyengar Yoga. Encourage the community to create a ritual of including yoga into their daily lives. A positive, inclusive community space to help people of all ages from kids to the elderly, people with individual needs, as well as special needs including MS or Autism.

  • Purpose: All of our students, from beginners to advanced, to benefit in a positive way, mentally and physically from yoga. All of our teachers to find joy by sharing their passion for Iyengar Yoga and bring these benefits to as many people in the community as possible.

We offer:

  • Affordable classes

  • Qualified, experienced Iyengar yoga teachers

  • A maximum of 14 students per class

  • 19 classes to choose from per week

  • Individual attention

  • Early morning, evening and weekend classes

  • Private lessons, small group options

  • A well-equipped and dedicated yoga studio

  • Specialise in Iyengar yoga

  • Free on-site parking

  • Easy access by public transport (428 bus) from nearby Camperdown, Newtown, Enmore, Petersham, Lewisham, Dulwich Hill, Hurlstone Park and Canterbury

Half Moon Yoga Marrickville - Community Yoga Studio
Addison Road Community Centre
16B/142 Addison Road, Marrickville,  2044
email: info@halfmoonyoga.com.au
mobile: 0403 047 064